My Personal History With the Paranormal

First off let me say that I believe channeling and psychic abilities are inherent in human beings, much like artistry it take practice and discipline to learn how to use it at will. That being said there is something that gets passed down some generational lines. My mother has abilities of foresight and of being a channel. My sister also has the gift. My older brother received it in a horrific way. Only my father and little brother have not had some sort of paranormal event take place.

As a boy I was withdrawn from other kids, I kept to myself and played alone. I often felt different from other kids so I isolated myself. I spent most of my time playing with toys, drawing, and reading comics and adventure books. I liked to play in the hills next to our house. But I didn't play with the other kids when they would want to go with me.

Something was different with me. My imagination ran wild when I was a boy, When I turned 12  I was attacked by some unseen force. I felt it attach to me  and I felt is use me up feasting on every negative event and emotion I ever felt as a child;  until I was 19 years old when  a friend David Sands my spiritual teacher explained to me that he had remote viewed me one night when I was sick. He told me that I had and that he had seen an energy parasite and he removed it from me.  He told me I had given it so much power that as he cast it out the dark cloud of its presence filled the room (my room as I slept) He explained that he'd not felt such dark presence since he was 23 and living in Paris.  It was there he'd been attacked by and unseen entity.

I have seen ghosts, recorded their voices on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and through ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) experiments, I have seen UFO's and other very strange occurrences which are far more mysterious but just as astonishingly paranormal. 

I have written a list of each event:

  • Night Frights of monsters, demons, and witches as a young boy.
  • Remembers being told by a whispering child's voice to do things that might hurt him like playing with electrical cords and light sockets.
  • His family often spoke about an odd maturity in the way he carried himself as if he were a little old man. 
  • 1983 Remembers lights over the dam basin wash in Sylmar during the summer nights. They were bright white red and green formations and seemed to dance in the sky.
  • Ghost Sighting 1989
  • Repeated Sightings of a ghost boy
  • Spirit Attack (Boy) 1990 Santa Clarita California
  • Ouija Board Incident 1990 Santa Clarita California
  • Flying Humanoid 1994 (witnessed by three people) Phoenix Oregon
  • UFO Sylmar California 1993
  • Alien Grey Visitation at Grandmas Sylmar California 1992
  • UFO Santa Clarita 1990
  •  Alien Grey Visitation / Contact - (Dream / Astral Journey) 1993 Santa Clarita California
  • Death of my best friend 1994, (The Glimpse) a journey into the light and into the true self.
  • Channeling Experience 1995 Medford Oregon. (Written about below)
  • Met David Sands - He opened my energy centers and taught me my path. 1995 -1996
  • Began learning how to control my abilities and hone them. 1995
  • Learned Palm Reading, Tarot, and Runes. 1996
  • Learned stone casting and psychometry. 1998 - 2000
  • Learned Remote Viewing 2002 - 2004
  • 2003 Began the Ghost / Paranormal Research Group at College of the Canyons
  • 2004 Gathered Evidence of Life After Death
  • 2005 Began ITC experiments (results were inconclusive.)
  • 2005 Disbanded the GPRG.

  • Health issues arise 1997 - through present day
  • Diabetic Type 2
  • Visitation from the soul of his unborn child DiMaya talking about him being sick.
  • Health deteriorates 2008 till present.
  • 2010 Gets stints in heart that fail.
  • 2011 Has quadruple bypass. 
  • Psyche, physical strength, and spirit are all effected.
  • Created The PEARGroup 2011 
  • My Third Eye Reopened. 2012

Trust that I know I am a sensitive. It is the reason so many things happen around me.  I am also a powerful empath so if I am experiencing something you will experience it right along side me.  I have accidentally read people without meaning to.

Though the following stories are true the names of the witnesses and participants involved have had their names changed or not mentioned. This is to protect their privacy.  


My First Channeling Experience

"It was the early summer of  1995. I was 19 years old and I was staying the evening with an Ex-girlfriend when I received mental images of a lake and a man with soft curly hair and a bushy mustache. I kept seeing the name William, we sat in her little apartment in the dark and I just felt like I had to remember how I knew this person. The images and words were being pressed into my mind, so I spoke the name out loud, "William." I then shook my head and said, "I can't remember who William is." . Suddenly she seemed startled and asked, "What are you talking about?"
 I then told her that I must be remembering someone I met but can't place who they are and its driving me nuts.

She sat up and flicked on the light, "You don't mean Bill right?" I then got a powerful resounding ((YES!!!)) in my minds eye. So I said it, "Yeah! Who is that? How do we know him?" To which she asked what I was remembering. I told her  that I kept seeing that name William and that I could see water like rippling on a lake.

Suddenly I was hit with a sneaker in the side. "What the HELL!" I responded more startled than hurt. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and spoke through clenched teeth, "That's not FUNNY!" I sat their dazed by her response to me bringing up the memory of this guy. So being shocked and angered by her response  I asked, "What the hell? Who is he? Why would you throw a freaking shoe at me? What is he your Ex -boyfriend or something!?"

She looked at me with tears streaming down her face, "Who told you about Bill Sean?"

I didn't know what to say by then.  She was so upset by this that I didn't know  how to proceed . I sat  there shaking my head still seeing the images in my mind and told her again. "I don't know, I just told you I 'm seeing  that name and water and then you freaked out when I told you that when you said Bill I saw a resounding  YES so I figured you knew  who it was too. I didn't expect to get hit with a shoe and be yelled at for remembering a person but not knowing who they were for Gods Sakes!"

She then looked at me through tear stained eyes, "I  think you are lying and being cruel, I'm mad because Bill  his real name is William ;  My family has been friends with him  and he's been around all my life. He died three weeks ago at Applegate Lake in an accident where he drowned. He was my Godfather Sean!  Tell me you didn't know this. You talked to my mom or dad didn't you? Or you heard us talking about it."

I couldn't rule it out for sure, but no matter how hard I tried I could not place hearing about an accident either by proxy or through a stray conversation or by any other means be they media or gossip. I really thought I was remembering someone I'd seen before.  It sort of made me feel uncanny and strange.

Suddenly the voice in my head told me, "TELL HER I LOVE HER!"

I looked at her in her tears sitting there mourning this person I didn't know and I made a choice at that moment and mentally told him, "NO! Look at her, she is hurting. Leave her alone!"

He then said, "I will show her it was me, I'm sorry if I hurt you  and her."

I told her that I just wanted to drop it and that I was sorry if it upset her. She agreed we should forget about it.  Our relationship didn't last long after that. We stayed together for another month.

Two weeks later I was on my way to Prineville Oregon with my Ex a friend and her parents to help that man's family move to Southern Oregon.  His son kept saying Daddy when he saw me. Now I don't think it was me he was seeing or saying that to, I believe this man had attached to me so that I would see  everything through. I also think he had to do with us breaking up. I don't think he liked the idea of me being with his God Daughter. I was  just his tool to reach my Ex and help her family and keep my Ex from  all the hurt she was feeling.

I owe that experience for opening up my gift for communicating with the other side of the veil.


My First Out of Body Experience and the Number 7

I was sixteen years old in 1993. I had been sick for a few days. I drank some cold medicine and decided to lay down near the T.V. in the living room. While I laid on the floor with a couch pillow; Total Recall played on the screen. My eyes grew heavy, I figured the medicine was working. so I closed my eyes.

It was about an hour later that I awoke. How do I know that? Well I opened ny eyes and I watched part of the movie on the television before I thought about getting some water. I usually get up in the middle of the night to get a drink, use the bathroom and maybe take inventory of myself.  I shifted my head towards the kitchen and rose to my feet. I walked around the couch into the separation which divided the rooms.  I went towards the sink to get a glass from the drying basket. But as I reached for it I decided I'd rather just drink from the faucet. As I reached for the faucet handle I was unable to actually grasp it. I'd reach but it seemed I was just missing it some how. It was perceptively confusing. and somewhat disorienting.

I backed away from it. I felt frightened but then rationalized the idea away to the fact that I was sick. I shrugged it off, and turned to the fridge. I remembered my mother putting the Britta Filter in the Freezer before I laid down because she was going to make me a drink when I woke up. So I turned to the fridge, I reached out my hand to open the freezer door but again my hand slipped by it. Over and over until I reached for the fridge itself trying to grab it and pull on it because I was so frustrated. I turned around and yelled to my sleeping mother who slept on the couch. 

"Mom!, Mom the fridge, I can't open it or get myself water."
I shook my head, "Mom wake up! I can't get a drink!"
I was getting mad and yelled, "HELLO!"
But there was no response. I felt so confused so disoriented that I dizzy from it.  That is when I saw him, well him being ME.
I was looking to my mother and I saw a figure on the ground, I had assumed my little brother Gary was sleeping next to me when I fell asleep. So I walked over to who I thought was my little brother. "GARY! WAKE UP!"
Then I saw someone I didn't recognize. Someone, heavier than my brother, larger, I saw my own unconscious body laying there on the floor.

I backed away in fear, my body was just laying there like a corpse. I looked at my sleeping mother and back at my body as I peddled my legs backwards. Then I turned and I was at the fridge. My head was swimming so I went to lean on it when my hand fell through the door. I stumbled into the fridge. I heard the ice crackling in the pitch-blackness. I took another step to the wall behind the fridge where I felt a buzzing and I could see the light from the kitchen hood above the stove. I took another step and I was standing half in the wall and half in the bathtub of the bathroom in the hall.

I had a very odd feeling in my head at that moment. I knew I had to be dreaming, but I had just woke up, I thought I may have woke up inside a dream, But what if I wasn't dreaming, what if I was dead. This thought put a shock into me and I darted from the bathroom into the hall and then into my bedroom. When I entered the room I immediately felt at peace but that was short-lived,, As a BOOMING voice resounded and it seemed to vibrate the very structure of the room and suddenly the floor vanished.


The number 7 then flashed across my vision and I began to descend into a dark tunnel. My Christian upbringing told me that heading down if you were dead was not a good thing. The number 6 then past me and I saw the souls of other people rising up out of the darkness. They appeared as lights and mists. The numbers ticked off one by one until I reached 2. At that moment I could see at the end of the tuna figure. The figure as I fell grew until I saw myself sleeping again and then fell into my own body.

I shot up in shock screaming over and over, "I DIED! I WAS A GHOST, I DIED, I DIED!!!"

My mother woke up with a start and grabbed me seeing how disoriented I was. I was drenched in sweat, my fever was causing me confusion. My mother drew me a bath with cold water and then placed ice cubes around me as I lay in the tub shaking. I kept telling her and my older brother Jeff that I had died! They both thought I was hallucinating because of the fever but I know that I was out of my body. I know I was in spirit.  I was taken to the hospital and given fluids and antibiotics and to be observed.


My First Alien Encounter

I had stayed the night at my Grandparents house the night before. and I was spending one more night. Well my Grandma Joanne always had Hershey's Chocolate Milk Mix. As I lay drifting off to sleep on the living room couch my Grandpa's dog Cloe a pit mix grunted as if something had disturbed her rest. I sat up a second and saw on the wall that it was a little after 1 AM. The TV was still on and I was groggy tired,  I got up to make me a cold glass of chocolate milk. As I stood pouring the milk into the glass I heard a low knock on the front door. I suddenly felt my body go stiff and a feeling of  complexity and fear washed over me. I looked down and Cloe who then trotted into the entry way to the front door. I then heard the knock again and Cloe barked. I was frozen as I slowly began putting chocolate milk mix into the milk. I then heard it again and Cloe scratched at the door. I knew there was someone there but who would be at my Grandma's in the middle of the night. I was in the ghetto after all and no good comes out after midnight in the ghetto. I was scared but I knew I had to see if someone was there.

I stepped to the sink where the window of the kitchen looked out to the front porch by the entry way.  I saw the light from the kitchen reflected on the far wall in a half triangle because of the angle of the curtains. It was then that I saw a half of a bulbous head step into the light. My mouth dropped wide open in pure terror. Even as I type this my body is shaking remembering it. It wasn't human but a small creature with yellowish white skin that resembled the texture of a dolphins flesh. The most startling thing was the eye. The ink blackness of it reminded me of the eyes of the hamsters I had raised two years prior.  Large black eyes and a reversed tear drop head. I stumbled away backwards from the window almost fearing the creature rising up and coming after me. I backed into the stove behind me and it startled me back to reality. I then saw Cloe come into the kitchen looking up at me puzzled.

I took the glass of chocolate milk I had in my hand and dumped it at the sink with one swift movement and ran back into the living room. I was shaking uncontrollably. I couldn't believe that what I had just seen was real.

"It couldn't be! I had to be dreaming! Just go to sleep now, just sleep and it was all a dream."

But I knew the truth. It was something inhuman at my grandmother's front door! A monster is what I thought. I grabbed Cloe and held onto her collar as I began to finally drift to sleep. I had her there to protect me and I knew that. So I then felt safe enough to go to sleep.

I reached down with my hand to pet Cloe as I began to stir from my sleep. It was then I felt the cold hardness of metal. I opened my eyes which then were burned by bright white lights all around the top of me and some sort of gas was creating a fog like effect. I reached out to get off the table I was on and grab something to pull me off the table but I only felt the hard steel of the ground. It was then that I heard a male voice talking to me.

"You have been injured, we are trying to help you. Relax, this is a dream. We are doctors and we are here the fix you. You are sleeping, sleep
Sean, sleep and dream of what you want in the morning."

I awoke that morning to the smell of something delicious  that makes my mouth water to this very day, my Grandma's home-made buttermilk Biscuits and Country Sausage Gravy with mashed potatoes and butter.

"Grandma! How did you know I wanted this? I dreamed about it!. "

My Grandma scoffed at me, " You were smelling it in your sleep silly. You dreamed about it because you smelled me cooking it!"

I shook my head yes in agreement. Then I asked, were you talking about aliens or anything this morning when making breakfast? My Grandma looked at me like I had lost my mind.

"No! Sounds like a weird dream though."

I laughed and gestured in agreement. "Huh."